Lamkin TSI STD 60+ Black/Red

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Comfort Plus – Ultra Comfortable

An ultra comfortable alternative to polyurethane grips, the Comfort Plus is made of a proprietary rubber compound that is both appealingly soft and incredibly durable.

The grip features a reduced taper profile with a larger lower hand to encourage the ideal light pressure grip.  A shallow micro texture pattern provides a smoother feel and lighter traction.

Available in Undersize Plus, Standard Plus and Midsize Plus.

Comfort Features & Highlights

•     Made with Lamkin’s new DSX material, developed to provide a super soft feel that lasts round after round.
•     Shallow micro texture surface pattern provides a comfortable and smoother grip feel.
•     Unique manufacturing process and an un-buffed finish provides an extremely tacky grip surface.
•     Straighter, reduced taper profile promotes the ideal light grip pressure for greater shot control and consistency.
•     Ideal grip for all weather conditions.


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